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Focus • Mental Energy • Memory • Mental Performance

Bio-Energetic Nutrients For The Performance Of A Lifetime!

Meticulously Sourced, Formulated And Manufactured In The USA 
By The Inventor Of "America's #1 Selling Brain Supplement"

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MemoryWorks® is a Patent-Pending blend of internationally researched energetic nutrients and botanical ingredients that promote mental energy, focus, concentration, memory, and mental performance.*

Energetic nutrients and botanical ingredients that support cognitive function are our favorite category in the field of nutrition. We encourage you to research and explore each of the individual nutrients and ingredients in the formula as we expect you'll find the research supporting their use fascinating, and thus, you'll likely become a huge fan of them like us. What's more, research is ongoing and the benefits of these ingredients appear to be ever expanding in the field of science-based nutrition.* Do your own search and you'll quickly see what we mean.

MemoryWorks® is packaged conveniently in single-serve packets. Just add 16 oz. (or more) of pure water, shake – and let your life speak!


Emerging research suggests that it is possible to support and in some cases enhance the interdependent systems involved with healthy brain function. These include neurotransmitter production and function, myelin sheath generation, stress response, energy metabolism, and antioxidant defense.*

Neurotransmitters – brain chemicals that pass messages from one neuron to another – must be produced in adequate quantities to support memory, mood, intelligence, concentration, assertiveness and calmness. This creates a tremendous need for sustained nutritional fuel and energy. In many cases, research has demonstrated brain functioning can be significantly improved by the right quantity and quality of nutrients coupled with a brain-healthy diet and vigorous daily exercise.*


The "why" behind MemoryWorks® has been called "the perfect scenario" for a home-based business opportunity. Inspired from all he learned inventing and marketing "America's #1 Selling Brain Supplement," Dr. Kyl built the MemoryWorks® formula for his own personal use with the intention of creating the "best brain-health-drink on the planet." His vision was to generate a new product category in the brain health segment utilizing recent discoveries in science-based nutrition. This time however, instead of spending tens-of-millions of dollars in advertising to move the product into the retail marketplace, he would create a platform where friends, family and colleagues could receive those advertising dollars for introducing the product to those they know and love.

The goal was to create a bio-energetic brain-health-drink that "speaks to you with every sip." Today, friends and family refer each other to the product and share the benefits they experience worldwide. This drink is so important Dr. Kyl states, "I wouldn't want to go a day without it," and envisions ultimately millions of people will feel and share the same. The science-based ingredients in MemoryWorks® promote mental energy, focus, concentration, memory, and mental performance.* Try MemoryWorks® and let your life speak! Join Now!


Caution: MemoryWorks ® contains bio-energetic botanicals, nutrients, and caffeine from energizing green tea.  The amount of caffeine per serving is comparable to 2 cups of balce tea.  Limit the use of caffeine-containing medications, foods, or beverages while taking this product because too much caffeine may cause nervousness, irritability, sleeplessness, and occasionally rapid heart beat.



  • ·       Do not take if you are pregnant or nursing.
  • ·       Store at 59-86°F (15-30° C)
  • ·       Protect from heat and light

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